Light Switch Installation

The job of a light switch is to open or close an electrical current, thereby allowing electricity to power whatever is at the end of the current, in this case, your home’s lights. Light switches can wear out, or many people want to upgrade their existing light switches to either a newer model or to add newer features, such as dimming capabilities. Our residential electricians offer light switch services throughout Kaufman County, including Kaufman. With more than 30 years of experience, our trusted electricians can get you the help you need. Call to get started today!

Light Switches Installation and Repair

We offer a wide variety of Residential Electrical Repair Services. As a leading Electrician Service Provider in Kaufman, TX, and the surrounding area, we take great pride in our reputation for High-Quality Electrical Repair and professional customer service.

When it comes to repairing or installing any type of electrical component in your home or office, safety is always our top priority! We take no shortcuts and guarantee every repair and installation will be performed professionally each and every time.

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Light Switches Installation

Every home is equipped with multiple Light Switches. In older homes, light switches are often dated in appearance and can also be worn from years of routine use.

Frequent variations in the electric current supply can cause damages to the light switches. Moreover, light switches in many houses are not suitable for their electrical circuits. Therefore, you should contact an expert electrician for the repair & installation of light switches.

Single Location Toggle Switches

The single-location toggle switches are the most basic switches for residential and commercial spaces. These switches can operate on an 1800 watt maximum power load. They are simple toggle switches with the up-down feature.

The terminal screws for the switchboard are present on both sides of the toggle. The single location toggle switches use the traditional NMD wiring and can be useful for operating all types of lights.

Our residential electrical services company in Kaufman has successfully installed many such single location toggle switches. We even provide repair services for the wiring and the terminal screws. In some cases, we repair the marking positions of the single location toggle switch too.

Space-Saver Over-Under Switch

The space-saver over-under switch is a compact home light switch. As the name suggests, people prefer using these light switches when they install lights in tight locations.

Generally, the space saver over-under switches have a single-pole switch on the top and bottom, respectively. However, as per the latest designs, a space saver switch can also have three-way switches mounted on both ends.

These switches not only save space but also save money. However, some people are skeptical about installing them in their homes because they find them confusing. Our electricians can install them easily, even in hard-to-reach locations, and explain everything regarding their operation to the customers.

Timer Wall Switches

A timer wall switch is not an exclusive light switch, as it can be used to run any other appliance that draws a supply of up to one horsepower.

Timer wall switches come with several programs. The small digital display mounted on the switchboard shows which program is in use. However, they only fit into a single switch box that occupies a lot of space.

The wiring and installation of timer wall swiandcan do the job easily. The electricians can also help in repairing the programs and digital display of the switches.

Dimmer Switches

As per our records, the dimmer light switches are in great demand these days. The basic dimmer switch can run the light bulbs. However, dimmer bulbs with an advanced rating can run LEDs as well.

You must check the rating of the dimmer switch before placing an order. This is because many times, people replace their light bulbs with LEDs, but since the switch is unable to operate with it, they must purchase a new one.

We have expertise in installing a variety of dimmer switches. We can even install a three-way dimmer switch that is relatively new in the market. You can contact our residential electricians in Kaufmanto know more and can place an order on our website.

Wireless Switches

Wireless switches are the most advanced type of light switches. These switches are recommended for when you plan to install outdoor lights in your house.

Having a wireless switch at different locations in the house enables you to turn on the outdoor lights from any location, without going outside. The wireless switches operate on neutral wire connections.

Since switch communications on the neutral wires are unconventional, all electricians cannot install the wireless switches properly. We have a team of residential electricians in Kaufman and with over a decade of experience, who can fit these switches in any location you want.

Get a New Light Switch Today

So, as you can see, not all light switches are the same. A lot of variety is available today. While some of the switches can operate with a higher power rating, up to 1800 watts, the others like the wireless switches provide advanced features but work at a lower power rating.

You can call our local electricians today to know more about different light switches. We also provide guidance to people in Kaufman,  TX, to help them choose the most suitable light switches for their house.