Ceiling Fan Installation

Here in Kaufman, Texas, ceiling fans play an important role in our lives. They contribute to our overall comfort during the hot summer months, and they can help keep us warm during the summer, too. However, installing a ceiling fan can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done one before. Gardner Electrical offers ceiling fan installation and fan repair throughout Kaufman County. Let us make this job easy-peasy for you. Call for a free quote today!


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When it comes to repairing or installing any type of electrical component in your home or office, safety is always our top priority! We take no shortcuts and guarantee every repair and installation will be performed professionally each and every time.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Our company has helped many households in Kaufman, TX find comfort and save energy, by installing high-quality ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a necessity during the summers to provide cooling in the rooms.

We render services for the repair & installation of ceiling fans. Our expert electricians can install ceiling fans even in hard-to-reach areas and for the most complex house electrical circuits.

From the simple damp fans for outdoor areas to the wet fans for living spaces and even the smart fans that have recently hit the markets, our team of experienced electricians can install and repair any type of ceiling fan.

Benefits of Professionally Installed Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can provide the following benefits:

  • The most obvious use of ceiling fans is in the summers. Ceiling fans keep circulating the air and make the surroundings cool. Using ceiling fans instead of other electronic items like air conditioners and water coolers helps in saving money and energy without compromising your comfort.
  • Ceiling fans can be useful in winters as well if you use a hot furnace. Hot air from the heating furnace rises and accumulates near the ceiling area. If you use the ceiling fan in reverse mode, it helps in circulating the heat back to the living spaces without giving out a cool breeze.
  • The new models of ceiling fans have lights fitted into them. If the ceiling fans fixed in your house do not have these lights, you can call an electrician from our company and they will upgrade your ceiling fans and fit the lights. The lights in the ceiling fans help in illuminating the room along with other lights.
  • You can fix ceiling fans not only inside the living rooms but also in outdoor areas, like the porches and backyards. These ceiling fans are helpful for barbecues and backyard parties.
  • Ceiling fans come in different sizes and have several blades, features, blade materials, lighting styles, finishing, etc. These versatile fans having different designs can be a great addition to the decor of the dining room, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.

In some houses where the bathroom area is large, ceiling fans are installed along with exhaust fans. These ceiling fans have decorative uses more than functional ones.

Why Call Us for Ceiling Fan Installation Services?

Once you decide on the model and design of the ceiling fans that you want for your house, you can call a professional electrician from our team and get them installed. These are the attractive features of our ceiling fan installation service:

  • The installation of ceiling fans requires attention to many details. Our expert electricians ensure that there is no gap between the ceiling and the ceiling fan’s body. Moreover, our certified electricians balance all blades of the ceiling fan so that it operates efficiently. They make sure that the ceiling fans work properly, without making much noise.
  • We have an experienced team of electricians who have installed countless ceiling fans in Kaufman, Texas. They fix the ceiling fans as per codes and standards.

Moreover, our team has reliable local electricians. We conduct a background check and provide relevant information about the electrician to the customers as well before they call them to their house.

  • During installation, it is crucial to secure the ceiling fan’s body against the ceiling fan properly. Our electricians work tirelessly to achieve a safe installation following which the fan works efficiently for a long.
  • All our ceiling fan installations have been successful, and therefore, we claim to provide guaranteed results and the highest quality installation, repair, etc.


Depending on the size of your ceiling fan, it can be extremely awkward to install. From the electrical wiring to the switch on the wall, you want to ensure everything is in top working order. When you partner with Gardner Electrical, we’ll handle your entire ceiling fan installation from start to finish, from cutting a hole to handling the wiring and the outlet placement. When we’re through, you’ll have a superb and beautiful ceiling fan to keep you and yours cool all summer long.

Call our residential electricians for service in Kaufman and the surrounding areas today!