Circuit Breakers

Your home’s circuit breaker performs a very important job; it protects your home’s circuit from damage when an overload in power occurs. Before circuit breakers, fuses were used. However, fuses would have to be replaced every time an overload occurred. Here, with a circuit breaker, you simply reset it. Here at Gardner Electrical, our team offers circuit breaker installations, inspections, and repairs for Kaufman-area homes. Let our experts help ensure your home is safe and protected. Call for a free estimate today!

Circuit Breaker Repair & Installation in Kaufman

We offer a wide variety of Residential Electrical Repair Services. As a leading Electrician Service Provider in Kaufman, TX, and the surrounding area, we take great pride in our reputation for High-Quality Electrical Repair and professional customer service.

When it comes to repairing or installing any type of electrical component in your home or office, safety is always our top priority! We take no shortcuts and guarantee every repair and installation will be performed professionally each and every time.

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Your Circuit Breakers Repair & Installation Specialists in Kaufman, TX

Your home’s circuit breakers are its heart. Without them, all your appliances are little more than extra-large paperweights. We’re dedicated to keeping the electricity pumping through your Kaufman, TX home with our professional circuit breakers repair and installation services.

Over the past few decades, circuit breakers have had to bear an increasingly heavier electrical load. Every generation of televisions, computers, and appliances demands more power than the previous one. And if you’re still living with outdated circuit breakers, you may struggle to keep the power flowing.

The Trouble with Circuit Breakers

When functioning correctly, your circuit breakers will stop an electrical current when there’s a danger of overload. This protects your appliances from being damaged by power surges and minimizes the risk of electrical fires.

If you’ve lived in your Kaufman, TX home for long, then you’ve likely had to reset your circuit breakers a time or two. It’s fairly common to do so. But what should you do if they’re constantly being tripped? Or if you notice a burning smell near the breaker?

In those cases, a circuit breaker repair or installation may be in order.

Fortunately, our electricians have been successfully servicing residential and commercial locations in and around Kaufman, TX for 30 years.

So, whether you need a single circuit breaker fixed or an entirely new breaker box installed, our residential electricians can help!

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Circuit Breakers

  • Constant tripping of your circuit breakers
  • Your electrical panel feels warm
  • Your Kaufman home’s wiring is old
  • Your appliances are just not doing their job
  • The ampere is wrong
  • The breaker box is rusted
  • You smell burning
  • A certain appliance always trips the breaker

Repairing Your Circuit Breakers

At Gardner Electrical, our experienced, licensed electricians are trained in circuit breaker repair and installation. When they arrive at your Kaufman home, they’ll perform a quick diagnostic check to discover whether your circuit breakers need to be replaced or can safely be repaired.

If your breaker can be repaired on-site, our electrician will make the fix then and there. If he needs to bring it back to our shop to complete the repair, he’ll be able to do so and return it to your breaker box when it’s most convenient to you.

While we’d rather be able to repair your struggling circuit breakers, many times the damage is simply too great. In those cases, our residential electricians will need to replace them with new breakers.

Installing New Circuit Breakers in Your Kaufman, TX Home

If your home’s circuit breakers have been giving you fits and haven’t been looked at by a trained electrician in years, there’s a chance you may need some new ones. After all, circuit breakers are like anything else – they wear out with age.

Even if you haven’t noticed your breaker box getting hot or letting off any burning smells, you still might need some new breakers installed. The only way to know for sure is to have a certified expert take a look.

When you call Gardner Electrical for circuit breaker repair or installation in Kaufman, we’ll make an appointment to come to your home and run a comprehensive diagnostic test on your breaker box. We’ll note any problematic breakers and safely replace them so that your home’s appliances can get the power they need to function well.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a YouTube video can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to safely install new circuit breakers. By having a skilled electrician do it, you’ll ensure:

  • Your Kaufman or home isn’t vulnerable to electrical fires from faulty or poorly installed circuit breakers.
  • That your appliances and other electronics aren’t damaged by surges caused by a careless installation.
  • That your home’s electrical systems are up to date and up to code. This may not seem important now but, if tragedy were to strike, it could be the difference between your insurance company covering or refusing claims.
  • Your health and safety aren’t jeopardized by attempting a dangerous electrical job.