Electrical Outlets

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Different Residential Electrical Outlet Types Installation & Repair

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Electrical Outlets

We need electricity every minute in household and industrial settings to operate several appliances. Ranging from a fridge to a television, and even the small light bulbs, everything requires a power source to draw electricity. These power source for electrical appliances is electrical outlets.

Broken outlets are a common problem. While they can be annoying because they do not provide enough power for an appliance, they can also be dangerous in some cases. Therefore, for any work-related repair and installation of electrical outlets, you should contact a licensed electrician in Kaufman today.

How Different Electrical Outlet Types Work

The working principle of all electrical appliances is that they require the completion of an electric circuit. Let us see how electrical outlet types make the appliances work.

Every Kaufman household receives electrical supply from a power grid through power lines. The electricity supply received by the electrical panel gets split by the main breaker in the two sub-panels. Since the circuit breakers are attached to all outlets via cables, the divided electricity supply reaches every electrical outlet.

Every electrical outlet has three holes. The first hole is the neutral hole, the second is the hot hole, and the third is called the ground hole. The hot hole connects the outlet with the live wire that brings electric supply from the panel. The neutral hole is connected to the wire that brings the current from the appliance back to the breaker box.

When you connect an appliance to the outlet, the hot hole allows electric current from the live wire to pass through cables and enter the appliance. To complete the circuit, a wire runs from the appliance back to the outlet and then connects with the neutral hole so that a current pathway is formed.

As you know, all electrical panels in residential or commercial spaces have circuit breakers and fuse that trip when the house circuit experiences an overload. Similarly, electrical outlet types have a protective mechanism that works with the help of the third hole or the round hole.

GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets or GFCI outlets are commonly installed in houses and industrial sites. These electrical outlet types are essential for using those appliances that have proximity to water sources, like washing machines.

These outlets are sensitive to any increase in the current supply. When the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets sense an overload, they automatically cut the circuit and prevent an electrical fire.

The GFCI outlets are essential for additional safety in residential and commercial electrical systems. Therefore, our company provides the best quality GFCI Outlet installation. We also repair all types of GFCI outlets. You can place an order for a GFCI outlet directly on our website, and a certified electrician will come and install it for you.

For repairing the GFCI outlet, our electricians analyze the test and reset features of the outlet. These buttons help in tripping the outlet even with the slightest variations in the current supply. If they are not working properly, the GFCI outlet will not function.

Therefore, if your bathroom, kitchen, etc., do not have any additional GFCI outlets, call our residential and commerical licensed electricians in Kaufman who will come and install it safely.

Switched Outlets

Switched outlets are commonly found in old houses and are the simplest type of electrical outlets. They have a single port and a switch alongside it. To cut off the electrical supply during an overload, one can simply turn off the switch to separate the outlet from the panel.

These are old generation electrical outlets, and we advise that you get them replaced with modern electrical outlets like the GFCIs or AFCIs.

We have a team of experienced electricians who are well-versed with all types of electrical outlets. Therefore, even if there is a need for repairing an old switched outlet, you can call us right away for electrical services in Kaufman and beyond.

USB Outlets

USB outlets are modern electrical outlets designed to provide a connection to USB cables without needing an adapter. The USB outlets generally have two USB ports and two normal ports. However, some latest designs can have four USB ports as well.

Depending on the need of the family, you can get either of these electrical outlet types installed in your house. You can call our local residential and commercial electricians in Kaufman to find out the price of both these outlet models. We have expertise in installing both and can provide them readily.