Electrical Panel Upgrades

There are three main jobs of your electrical panel: to distribute the incoming power to all of the electrical outlets inside your home, to contain devices that sense a power surge and trip the power (effectively cutting it off), and to provide a way for the homeowner to cut all power to the home in the event of electrical work or an emergency. With such an important job to do, it’s important to have the best electricians in Kaufman to handle the job. Let Gardner Electrical offer our electrical services and expertise for you. Our family-owned electrical service company based in Kaufman and serving Kaufman County, TX, has more than 30 years of experience and can help with all our electrical panel needs. Call today!

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades & Installation in Kaufman and Tyler

Looking for an Electrician to perform an Electrical Panel Upgrade or install an Electrical Panel in a new home build? As a leading Electrician Service Provider in Kaufman, TX, and the surrounding area, we understand the importance and safety of utilizing a proper Electrical Panel to power your home.

When it comes to Home Electrical Panels, safety is always our top priority! In many older homes, the existing Electric Panel is often outdated and can pose serious threats to the safety of your home. Our team of Licensed Master Electricians has installed thousands of Electric Panels over the years, and as one can imagine, we’ve gained valuable experience ensuring the safety of your home.

As a local and family-owned Electrical Repair Company in Kaufman, TX, we understand the importance of building long-term relationships in the community. We look forward to building a relationship with your family and serving as your trusted and Local Electrician Service Provider!

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electric control panel is a pivotal part of the home electrical circuit. It is a regulator of the electricity reaching your appliances.

If any circuit experiences an abnormal increase in electric current supply, components of the electrical control panel cut off the electricity supply to safeguard the appliance. If the electrical control panel does not work properly, the circuit will not be broken, and it can cause an electric fire in the house.

Unfortunately, when the electrical circuits get older, and the wires become weak, the electrical panels also start wearing out. We do not realize this until a major mishap takes place.

Therefore, it is essential to get an electrical safety inspection of the house followed by an electrical panel upgrade, if needed. Our local residential electrical service company has experienced electricians who review the house circuits comprehensively and suggest suitable upgrades for the electric panels of your house. Call for service in Kaufman today!

Replaceable Components of a Panel

An electrical control panel comprises several components that monitor the current supply of the different devices with household or industrial applications. Every electric panel has two sub-panels. The sub-panels have a main current breaker and several branch circuits.

One of the sub-panels will have branch circuits connected to different household appliances like washing machines, microwave ovens, lights, etc. while the other sub-panel will have branch circuits connected to the non-arc fault circuits of the house.

Signs of a Failing Electrical Panel

The main breaker of the electrical panel trips frequently when the panel wears out.

Structural factors are rarely responsible, as most cases of electric control panel damage are because of the overloading of the house circuit. In cases of progressive damage, the main breaker of the electric panel circuit does not even trip when experiencing an overload.

Finally, in worst-case scenarios, the main breaker catches fire, and wires start melting because of overheating.