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Home Generators

Generators are nice to have, pure and simple. When your neighbor’s power goes out, you don’t have to worry; your heat, lights, and appliances will still work. As a business in Kaufman, a generator is absolutely indispensable, so you don’t lose business if the power goes out. Gardner Electrical specializes in residential generator installation and repair. We can ensure you have the backup power you need for when the next big storm hits. Call for a free estimate today!

Generator Repair & Installation

We offer a wide variety of Residential Electrical Repair Services. As a leading Electrician Service Provider in Kaufman, TX, and the surrounding area, we take great pride in our reputation for High-Quality Electrical Repair and professional customer service.

When it comes to repairing or installing any type of electrical component in your home or office, safety is always our top priority! We take no shortcuts and guarantee every repair and installation will be performed professionally each and every time.

As a local and family-owned Electrical Repair Company in Kaufman, TX, we understand the importance of building long-term relationships in the community. We look forward to building a relationship with your family and serving as your trusted and local Electrician Service Provider!

Your Generator Repair & Installation Specialists in Kaufman, TX

What will happen if the lights go out and your generator is still broken? We can repair and install generators in both residential and commercial locations in Kaufman and beyond.

All it takes is a single tornado or bad thunderstorm to topple a nearby power line and leave you in the dark. And if an outage stretches out into several days, catastrophic consequences can result. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of food can go to waste. Extreme temperatures can leave you sweltering (or freezing). And even enjoying a warm shower becomes an impossibility.

But you don’t have to be the victim of unfortunate circumstances. With a powerful working generator, you can continue to live your life – even when everyone around you is cooking by candlelight.

The professional electricians and generator repair specialists at Gardner Electrical can help you repair and install your generators, no matter how big or small. We’ve spent years helping home- and business owners protect themselves from the risks of power outages and brownouts.

Our team of certified electricians has been successfully servicing residential and commercial locations in and around Kaufman, TX for 30 years.

So, whether you need a whole-house generator installed or a smaller generator examined and fixed, we can help. Call today!

Offering Repair & Installation for Whole-House Generators

If you’ve been searching for a way to keep your Kaufman home’s power online no matter what happens down the street, you need a whole-house generator.

These powerful devices are integrated into your home’s power system and designed to detect outages. When your power goes offline, the generator kicks in. Once your power company has restored service, your generator will automatically turn off, ensuring you have consistent power no matter what.

Can a Solar Generator Power a Whole House?

If you take advantage of a whole-house generator, you’ll find that they come in five varieties…

  • Diesel
  • Natural Gas
  • Gasoline
  • Propane

While no fuel source is necessarily better than others, you’ll want to choose a generator type that makes it easy to have fuel on hand when you’re facing a crisis. If you’d like, when you call us about installing a generator, our expert technicians can make recommendations based on your situation.

Along with these four options, you may want to consider choosing a solar-powered generator. Although most of them won’t be able to power your entire home, they offer the ability to keep vital systems running with nothing more than a sunny sky.

Whichever generator you choose, our team of residential electricians in Kaufman can help you get it installed or repaired in no time and with zero effort on your part.

The Benefit of a Whole-House Generator

By taking advantage of a whole-house generator, you’ll be able to enjoy…

  • Protection from power surges for any computers or hard drives that may include sensitive information.
  • Non-stop service for all vital appliances, such as freezers, refrigerators, and medical equipment.
  • Heating and AC that never stops – no matter what the weather outside.
  • The ability to maintain your connection to the outside world, including modems, phones, PCs, and more.

Unfortunately, getting a whole-house generator connected to your home isn’t as easy as plugging in a power cord or two. Since it must be connected to your home’s power system, properly installing it requires an experienced professional.

Our team of residential electricians and generator technicians in Kaufman can repair and install your whole-house generator. So, we can help whether you’re looking to have a new system put in or need someone to come look at a faulty one. Ensure you never lose power with a professionally installed and maintained whole-house generator.